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Travel Nursing Series: Travel Nursing in Alaska

March 16th, 2022

Alaska offers unique opportunities for traveling nurses. Climatically, Alaska enjoys distinct weather conditions. Winter weather ranges from cold to frigid with low sunlight conditions for several months. This sun deprivation can lead to depression in some individuals so if bright sunny days are a requirement for your sanity, Alaska may not be the proper work environment for you.

However, if you appreciate the outdoors and magnificent scenery of grand proportions then Alaska may be just the spot for you to explore as a travel nurse. There is a continual need for healthcare workers and an abundant supply of open nursing positions. The easiest way to locate the best position for you is to register with a good travel nurse agency. They can give you all the appropriate information regarding the position you are seeking.

Generally speaking, travel nursing positions are well paid, often with signing bonuses, subsidized housing and paid vacations. Uniform scrubs and nursing shoes are not usually provided, except is some locations overseas, so you will have to bring your work wardrobe with you. Shopping may be limited in some of the rural areas so replenishing your nursing uniforms when needed is best done online at one of the uniform scrubs websites.

The initial travel nurse job can last from 8 to 26 weeks, with often an option to extend the work contract for a longer time if both nurse and employer are in agreement. Travel nurses are a welcome addition to the local nursing staff and settling in to your new job is relatively easy.

Travel nurses have ample time to enjoy the sites of their new home. Highly recommended is the Talkeetna Air Taxi “Grand Denali” tour that flies through the Alaska range and includes a glacier landing on the northeast side of Mt. McKinley. If air travel is not your cup of tea, then spend a day on the Prince Edward Sound 26 glacier tour. You will see the world’s most spectacular glaciers in Prince William Sound. Towering above the cruising catamaran, the icy masses are breathtaking. At certain times of the year the catamaran is accompanied in the water by migratory whales.

Visiting the Alaskan interior is easily done via a trip on the 135 mile long Denali highway that runs through Denali National Park. You will be greeted by beautiful mountain vistas and abundant wildlife. For the really adventurous soul, travel to Kotzebue, a city in Northwest Arctic Borough near the Arctic Circle.

Despite the rigors of the Alaskan climate, a travel nursing job in Alaska does not have to be dull. The opportunity to see the awe-inspiring sights of this arctic region is not to be missed by the intrepid travel nurse. So pack those uniform scrubs and nursing shoes (and winter parka, gloves, hat, scarf, warm socks, boots, thermals…you get the idea) and head to Alaska.